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Every 10 minutes, someone in the United States is infected with HIV. A preventive vaccine against HIV offers the best long-term hope to end this worldwide epidemic. Finding a safe and effective HIV vaccine that will protect people is a huge task. It cannot be done without your help.  For information about HIV vaccine trials and volunteering, go to and


The Staff

Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc.

Office Contact Listing

Main Telephone #: 202-446-1100

*General Fax #: 202-204-0806

*Clinical Services Fax #: 202-204-0809



Ron Simmons, Ph.D. - President/CEO

Barbara Prince - Controller

Dianne Murphy - Administrative Support

Dennis Broadus - Logistics/Facility Manager



Karen Giles - Clinical Social Worker

Kelly Haines - Clinical Social Worker

Shawn Spencer - Case Manager

Bianca Ward - Case Manager

Guy Anthony - Treatment Adherence Counselor

Avis Hammond - Early Intervention Coordinator



Ernest Walker - Director of Programs

Brian Hamlett - Program Manager

Antonio Burt - Manager, HIV Counseling & Testing

Jorge Lander - HIV Counseling & Testing

Annie Nmagu - HIV Counseling & Testing

Monte J. Wolfe - Social Media Coordinator

Travis Wise - Program Manager

Brandon Armani - I P A (DC Healthlink)

Jamal Redman - Community Outreach