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Finding safe and effective vaccines to prevent the spread of HIV is our best hope for stopping the AIDS epidemic. To learn more about The Be-The-Generation project and Us Helping Us' involvement through education and training sessions, visit:


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In some Black families and parts of the Black community, being gay or same-gender-loving is not accepted. Racism and homophobia can lead some gay/SGL men to feel bad about their lives to the point of self -hatred and risky sexual behaviors. As Black gay/SGL men, most of us believe we know the how’s and the why’s of STDs and HIV. We’ve been told that we should use a condom every time and avoid situations that put our lives and health at risk. Yet we still don’t do the the right thing. Knowledge alone is not enough. That is why UHU offers Noir Reflections and Healthy Relationships, weekend retreats for you to reflect on who you are.

Noir Reflections is a free retreat for Black gay and same-gender-loving men. This retreat is designed to help participants take a deeper look into who they are and what they believe. Through soul searching, self-exploration, and shared experiences, participants will discover their true reflections. Noir Reflections utilizes the Many Men, Many Voices curriculum, a HIV prevention intervention designed for Black gay men and recommended for effectiveness by the Centers for Disease Control. For more information, contact Brian Hamlett at 202 446-1100.

Healthy Relationships is a unique program for small groups of men living with HIV/AIDS. Living with HIV/AIDS can be stressful and this retreat is just for you. For more information, contact Brian Hamlett at 202 446-1100.

The retreats are for three days, Friday to Sunday. Buses leave the UHU facility at 9 am on Friday and return at 5 pm that Sunday.